Berlin Metro Cityscapes

What have impressed me the most about Berlin metro cityscapes are the lack of advertisement, and the rich character of their stations. At some stations advertisement were used only to promote one brand making the space somehow clearer and more individual. On the other hand, old advertisement from the beginning of 1900 were left on [...]

Metro cityscapes

Brief overlook about the metro cityscapes at Helsinki.
Short view of  illumination and light sources of metro stations

Successful general appearance

Photo 1. Kamppi. (Photo: Liisa Ikonen).
The white luminous hollow create own outstanding space for entrance in the middle of commercial center.

Photo 2 a. Ruoholahti (Photo: Liisa Ikonen)

Photo 2b Ruoholahti (Photo: Elina Lifländer).
On the both sides of [...]


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