Manuscript seminar: On personal voice by Petra Ahde

Initial questions to the topic are:
1. How to project your personal voice and the personal voice of your data (e.g. people you interviewed) through out your manuscript?
2. How to retain your personal voice or the [...]

Manuscript seminar: Structuring doctoral thesis (18.1.)

The second manuscript seminar was held on “structuring doctoral thesis” on 18th of Jan. 2010. Different approaches for structuring doctoral thesis, such as allocating chapters, role of cases in structuring, and monograph dissertation versus article-based [...]

Secrets behind succesful paper writing, submission and acceptance by Giulio Jacucci

Writing papers is considered your first and foremost responsibility and obligation as a researcher. To get your paper accepted isn’t easy and deserves further attention. Allow your ideas to fluctuate during the writing process. In [...]