Sustainable Design Research Discussion (March 2011)

Sustainable Design Research: Discussion with Professor Martin Woolley

10:00-11.30, Design Researcher Room 7089 Tue, 29 March 2011

Organiser: Haian Xue


Professor Martin Woolley; Kirsi Niinimäki; Tatu Marttila; Cindy Kohtala; Karthikeya Acharya; Pekka Murto; Haian Xue

Discussed Issues:

- Consumer emphasis in Design for Sustainability (DfS): consumer-based eco-efficiency; eco-feedback & creating sustainable product value and person-product relationships; especially in the context of textiles and clothes

- Community & culture and DfS: Design explorations, critical design, participatory design, open design, slow design & social innovation; designers creating mediums and changing behaviors; “collaborative consumption” and “post-ownership”

- Collaborative DfS process & the role of designer: Managing multiprofessional design collaboration for sustainability; negotiating and mediating sustainable outcomes with collaborators and stakeholders; laypeople roles vs. everyone’s a designer

- Aesthetics and the post-industrial context: possible future scenarios and future professions; a role for design in transition

Photos by Haian Xue