A Few Web Tools for Research

There are some web based tools that might be quite valuable for handling the research process and material. Here I’ll list some that I’ve found. Please comment and tell us about the tools that you’ve found from the web, or have found especially helpful in your research process.

- Xmarks (www.xmarks.com) is a tool that helps you keep your bookmarks in order on several computers, browser programs and platforms. This is done by installing the program (for Firefox, Safari and so on) and then saving your bookmarks in the Xmarks site and syncing them always when a browser opens up (automatically).

- Zotero (www.zotero.org) is a really powerful tool (only Firefox) to save and organize material from the web (with all the reference information) by clicking only a button. You can organize your material, index text, create notes and so on, and even save the material online (or at least some of it) to be accessible even on a public computer (i.e. in library). Very handy – check the introductive video on the page…

- Dropbox (www.dropbox.com) is a great service that allows you to have 2 GB of online storage, which can be shared (and is synced) between multiple computers. No more memory sticks (or less at least). Only a webmail address needed to start the service.

- Wordle (www.wordle.net) is more like a toy, in which one can copy paste text or an web site URL, and get a nice “word cloud”. But it seems like quite useful toy.

Please add your favorite web tools and comments about them after this post.

2 comments to A Few Web Tools for Research

  • Jung-Joo Lee

    Good tips! Thanks, Tatu!
    It would be also nice to add some reference management systems?

    And can we make the linking system of blog so that the linked site opens in a new window? I prefer that way, what do you think?

  • Tatu Marttila

    I haven’t yet had a chance to get to know the reference management systems (although zotero has some managing features), so I did not involve them.

    If you can provide some suggestions of which are the most useful, please do.

    I’ll see if it is easy to fix the site linkage, but probably it has to be defined always when you create a link, and then are not so easily changed.

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